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  • 7 Feb 2010

The California Chronicle [click here] via the Sunday Mail; Glasgow (UK) and [click here] are both reporting that not only is Hollywood planning a…

but also that David Tennant (he has been so busy lately!) is being courted to play the much-coveted role of the Doctor. Is it possible that Hollywood is really this wise?

Apparently, Billie Piper (aka the lovely Rose Tyler) said in a recent radio interview: “I’ve heard they’re doing a film and I know they want David to do it,” the papers report.

This news is actually music to my ears considering that David was cast to play the lead role in NBC’s Rex Is Not Your Lawyer [click here], but the show was put on hold and possibly won’t be included in the fall 2010 line-up. (Perhaps to make room for the making of the Doctor Who movie?)  Whereas I really wanted to watch it, I wasn’t looking forward to Hollywood potentially butchering David’s beautiful Scottish accent (or even his adopted English accent) by forcing him to ‘sound like an American.’ [shudders]

Stay tuned, dearest Whovians!

In the meantime, for those of us suffering from David Tennant withdrawals — check out this BBC Best of David Tennant Video [click here]. Also, the entire Doctor Who 2009 specials are available on DVD now [click here]. Yes, I have mine on order!

PS: Read about a real life TARDIS-style police box HERE!

  • 20 Jan 2010

Doctor Who wins two National TV awards

David Tennant, as the tenth Doctor

At the 15th Annual National Television Awards, held at London’s O2 Arena today, David Tennant took the award for outstanding drama performance for his portrayal as the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.  The longest-running science fiction television show in the world (having first hit the air waves in 1963), Doctor Who also won the award for best Drama, beating out The Bill, Shameless, and Casualty.

Congratulations David!

See full story here.

  • 4 Jan 2010

Those of us who love Doctor Who and don’t reside in the UK, raise your hand. Okay. Those of us who love Doctor Who, don’t reside in the UK, and don’t get BBC America, raise your hand. I count three maybe four people, including myself. What can I say? We are a lonely, misunderstood group. We are barely a group, we’re practically nanobes we are so small. Fear not! There is salvation for us on the Internet. No, I didn’t say salivate on the Internet.  Although you might, because if you are a David Tennant fan like me, then a veritable feast awaits you here.

This YouTube clip will lead you into the realm of Doctor Who, End of Time Part 1.

This YouTube clip will lead you into the realm of Doctor Who, End of Time Part 2.

Unless you’re a Doctor Who/David Tennant fan who has spent the last year living under a rock, or perhaps sans electricity (is there a difference?) then you are surely aware that Parts 1 and 2 represent Tennant’s last hurrah as our beloved Timelord. And you’ll also be aware that the Doctor regenerates into his eleventh life at the end of Part 2. This next clip is a sneak preview of what is to come this year as Matt Smith takes on the role of the Eleventh Doctor.


  • 1 May 2009

Lost Without A Muse(ment)

We have the power to do anything we like. Absolute power over every particle in the universe. Everything that has ever existed or ever will exist, as from this moment. Are you listening to me, Romana? Because if you’re not listening, I can make you listen. Because I can do anything. As from this moment there is no such thing as free will in the entire universe — there is only my will, because I possess the Key to Time.

The Doctor, in “The Armageddon Factor

Season 16 (1978-1979) comprised six stories, concluding with The Armageddon Factor, and during which the Doctor was tasked by one of the two most prominent Six Fold Guardians (the White Guardian) with finding all six pieces of the Key to Time. The White Guardian claimed that the Key, once assembled, would possess the ability to stop time long enough for the balance of the Universe to be re-established. Apparently, every once in a Gallifreyen [insert long time span here], the Universe becomes so full of chaos that it must be rebalanced.

Is it possible that the Universe is once again filled with unbearable chaos? Or is it that Russell T. Davies has simply lost his Muse?

One can only assume that the Doctor remained the sole possessor of the Key to Time after successfully assembling it and restoring order to the aforementioned imbalanced Universe — at least until now, when we learn he has handed it over to Russell T. Davies.

Davies, having been recently abandoned by his Muse, is now reliant upon the powers vested in him by virtue of the Key to Time, and with it Davies has decided to bring back the dead. If the rumors are true (and we all know how reliable rumors are) it is not simply random dead people he intends to resurrect, but certain former inhabitants of Gallifrey (i.e. the Doctor’s mum). Inhabitants that may have been dead long before the Doctor destroyed his home planet and time-locked it in such a way that it shall not exist in the past nor the future.

Davies may even go so far as to resurrect the cremated remains of the twice-dead Master (“He shall knock four times,” Planet of the Dead). Perhaps the Master’s wife found the Ring of Immortality that fell into the dead Master’s ashes, then gave the Ring to Davies, in exchange for his ressurection.

So, Davies is now in possession of two of the four most powerful talismans known to all Universes. And because we don’t know who possesses the other two, or if they even exist anymore, this makes him a most powerful man, no?

In spite of being in possession of these very powerful items, it would seem that the Muse abandoned Davies nonetheless; and she took his sanity with her. I wonder, where did she go? Perhaps only David Tennant knows the answer to that question. Perhaps Davies’ Muse really belongs to David Tennant and was only intervening on his behalf through Davies. Ah, the Muse abandoned Davies because David Tennant is leaving. Yes, it all makes sense now.

No, wait.

All these rumors of late make Tennant’s final year as the Doctor sound like some twisted high school reunion. Or a Dr. Phil therapy session on Getting Closure gone bad. For instance, The Return of Donna (together with Bernard Cribbins, who plays her grandfather, Wilf, and is slated to be the Doctor’s companion for the Christmas special) is certainly a bizarre element that fans like me will have a love/hate relationship with. He did stick Donna’s memories into the dusty attic of her brain for a reason, even though it seemed like a really bad reason at the time. Captain Jack Harkness will return at some point, should the Doctor need him, of course. Afterall, he has to call in sick at his job at Torchwood. (He’s the boss, so he can do that.)

Timelords will, according to the rumors, return from annihilation or wherever they’ve been hiding all these hundreds of years. “Know this, Time Lord – you are not alone,” said the Face of Bo, ominously; although it is unclear at this point if the Face of Bo was referring to the Master or the Doctor’s companions that will become like family, or actual blood relatives (not including Jenny), or possibly former inhabitants of Gallifrey. Whatever the case may be, Rumors Say: “Timelords” will return and will be all dark and evil this time around, Valeyard notwithstanding.

Even our beloved now-residing-in-a-parallel-world Rose will somehow return… as will Sarah Jane. What? no Other Metacrisis Doctor returning with Rose, after ripping a hole in the fabric of the dimensions in order to cross from one parallel to another?

It is almost as if Tennant’s leaving, and thus the “death” of the tenth Doctor, is this Grand Exit which requires all the world heretofore/theretofore/paralleltofore to be present for that exit. Nevermind that the Doctor lives on in Matt’s body (ewwww, weird thought). Let us not forget that this brilliant sci-fi show did not begin with Tennant and won’t, technically, end with him. (Sadly, you may not be able say this of the show’s popularity…) You have to wonder though, with the end of Tennant/Davies, will Matt/Moffat materially change Doctor Who from that point forward?

Perhaps then it is not sheer madness that fuels the most vicious rumor of all: that the interior of the TARDIS (and thus the TARDIS herself) will somehow be blown to smithereens — as if she can not exist without David Tennant either  —  leaving one to wonder exactly how the Eleventh Doctor will do what he does best: time travel. One might hope that, somehow, depending on where the Doctor gets stranded after the gutting death of the TARDIS, he could possibly acquire the proper elements or materials to create a device similar to a vortex manipulator, or variant or spin-off thereof, with which to travel through time. (Perhaps a big black Hummer or sleek sports car instead of a blue police box?  Just a thought… he had a flying car once, it was yellow.)

It is still, at best, a horrible thought. Certainly, it is a bitter pill that we devoted fans must swallow to accept that David Tennant will no longer be our Timelord, but absolutely it is bad medicine indeed to take away the lovable blue Police Box with which he travels. Afterall, she’s been around since day one.

Shakespeare without a stage.

Faren wel, my dear readers.

  • 27 Jan

David Tennant shares Critics’ Circle award with Sir Derek Jacobi

Tennant was awarded the honour for his performance as Hamlet (see below) which has been lauded by audiences and critics alike.

Sir Derek, 70, was presented with the award for his portrayal of Malvolio in the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Twelfth Night.

With the exception of Derek Jacobi and Twelfth Night, all of the critics’ winners are also in the running for the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards, the only major theatre prize-giving decided by the public, for which online voting concludes this Saturday 31 January 2009, with winners’ trophies presented on Sunday 15 February 2009.  For full stories click Here (Telegraph) and Here (BBC) and also Here (Whatsonstage.)

  • 25 Jan

…Bionic woman Michelle Ryan and David Tennant, filming new episodes of Doctor Who… reported today that David Tennant has been spotted in Cardiff, Wales filming the upcoming Doctor Who Easter special with his newest assistant, played by Michelle Ryan (EastEnders’ Zoe Slater and also the Bionic Woman). [Full article click HERE] Production of the special began 19 January.

Michelle Ryan to play the "mysterious Lady Christina de Souza"

Michelle Ryan to play the “mysterious Lady Christina de Souza”

I particularly enjoyed this news article because not only does it give a few details about the filming, but it also provides a great deal of information on other happenings in the British filming world:

“…The Office star Martin Freeman was snapped in the historic No Sign Bar in Swansea’s Wind Street, where he was playing Dr Watson for a modern-day BBC Wales drama adaptation of Sherlock Holmes…”

I have always loved British television and still wish that the BBC would provide more exposure to its American audiences.

It’s my understanding that Michelle will appear only in the (11 April??) Easter special “Planet of the Dead.” Such was reported this past Friday by the BBC in This news article, wherein they said:

“As always the script is being kept strictly under wraps. However, we can reveal that Lady Christina is a woman with a mysterious past who’s going to have a huge impact on the Doctor.”

Whilst this episode is presently being filmed in Cardiff, Wales, it is also rumored that the crew (including the much over-used Daleks) will be filming in Dubai. Because the plot line is reportedly set on a desert planet, this makes for a very plausible possibility. Stay tuned!

  • 19 Jan

Whats On reports that there is a big push to get David Tennant’s stage production of Hamlet produced onto DVD. For entire article click Here. This sounds like such a wonderful idea! If you would love to see Tennant’s play, follow the link below and sign the petition and be sure to tell all your Whovian friends to sign too.

An online petition asking the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) to produce a DVD version of its recent production of Hamlet starring David Tennant has attracted more that 5,000 signatures. The petition, set up by RSC patron Margret Best, states that “due to the popularity of this production, many people who would have liked to have seen it were unable to have that pleasure”, adding that a filmed version would be an “important educational tool.”

To sign the Hamlet DVD petition, click here.

It’s at Least a Possibility

I know now that it’s been discussed, thought about and wondered. However, when my sister and I first came up with the idea, I didn’t know that it had already been suggested. Strange how things happen like that.

The whole idea came about one night while I was doing homework and my sister was playing Xbox. We haven’t bought any games for it and only play the ones that were included with the console; she was playing a level of LEGO Indiana Jones; the Original Adventures.

And then, completely out of the blue, she announced to me that it would be “so cool” if there was a LEGO Doctor Who.  [Click title for entire blog post]

  • 16 January

If you are anything like me, you are a Catherine Tate fan: See Here and especially Here and even Here. And if you’re a Catherine Tate fan + a David Tennant/Doctor Who fan, then there is no way you can read This and not laugh!

PS: if you click at least one of the last three links, you’re guaranteed a laugh.

  • 11 January

I’ve been waiting for the reviews to surface with regard to David Tennant returning to the stage following his back surgery. Here is one review I thought included excellent information:

David Tennant as Hamlet at the Novello Theatre, review

David Tennant acts with courage and charisma in the RSC’s production of Hamlet at the Novello Theatre

By Charles Spencer
Last Updated: 4:54PM GMT 08 Jan 2009 [Click HERE for entire review]

Here is another excellent review:

Tennant is better than ever in Hamlet

By Nick Curtis, Evening Standard  08.01.09

David Tennant‘s triumphant return for the last week of performances of his RSC Hamlet proves his tenacity. The Dr Who star faced down snipers and doubters when he first returned to Stratford, and the company where he first made his name, to play the Dane last year.

Invalided out of the sold-out London run by a severe spine injury, he could just have kicked back and convalesced. But whether or not his back is better, Tennant is back, and his performance is better than ever.” [Click HERE for entire review]

  • 3 January 2009

Tennant Returns to London Run of RSC’s Hamlet for Final Performances

...this isn't my sonic screwdriver

…this isn’t my sonic screwdriver

The Playbill News reports that David Tennant has returned to the title role of Hamlet in the West End transfer from Stratford-upon-Avon of the Royal Shakespeare Company production, currently running at the Novello Theatre to Jan. 10.

Tennant, who had been out of the show since Dec. 9, missed the official opening Dec. 10 and the ensuing performances to Jan. 2. The acclaimed actor underwent surgery for a prolapsed disc. [For entire article click HERE]

  • 3 January 2009

Congratulations to Matt Smith!

It is indeed an exciting time to hear at last who shall be taking over as the eleventh Doctor (Season 5/2010). I wonder how many bookies will be drowning their sorrows this weekend? And here I figured the Beeb would hold us in suspense for ages. That was me not taking into account the vast amount of time required to film all the upcoming Season Five episodes that will be released in 2010. (Duh.)

As I know next to nothing about Matt Smith, I thought I’d familiarise myself with his biography and share that with you as well.

According to the brand-spanking-new Matt Smith page on Wiki, Matt was born 28 October 1982 and he (I quote) … has performed in theatre, TV, and film. Best known perhaps for his appearances in the BBC adaptations of Phillip Pullman‘s The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North alongside Billie Piper, as well as his stage performances in On the Shore of the Wide World and Cast B of Alan Bennett‘s History Boys.

It is indeed a small world in the UK, isn’t it?

Matt speaks about his acting career in a May 2008 interview with The Official London Theatre Guide:

“I sort of fell into acting really,” says Smith mildly. A teacher at school first persuaded him to give it a shot, but it wasn’t until he joined the National Youth Theatre that he really thought about it seriously. He credits the late Edward Wilson, former Artistic Director of the NYT, who directed Smith in Murder In The Cathedral in 2003, for spurring his career on. “He was a delightful man, he really gave me a springboard and the confidence and the courage to go on and do it. So I owe him a lot.”

Smith went on to study drama and creative writing at the University of East Anglia, but the NYT had got him noticed – and an agent. Following his first job, in Fresh Kills, staged Upstairs at the Royal Court, Smith’s short career to date has included two award-winning plays, On The Shore Of The Wide World and The History Boys, both at the National, before the similarly acclaimed That Face [where he plays the troubled and disturbed older-teen “Henry”] came his way. In between, he has fitted in work on television (including Party Animals, The Street and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and has just made his big screen debut in “a very small, tiny, insignificant role” in Martin McDonagh film In Bruges, along with, incidentally, his new That Face co-star Murray.

The Official London Theatre Guide quotes this glowing comment about Matt:

“Oh there just aren’t enough good words to say about Matt. He’s amazing, and he’s the most gorgeous person, and I will really treasure being on stage with him, always, because he’s so special.”

Click THIS link for the entire article.

  • 2 January 2009

The new Doctor Who will be announced on BBC’s Doctor Who Confidential at 17:35 (5:35pm) on 3 January UK time.

  • 1 January 2009

Dearest Whovians,

Happy New Year!

This post is written primarily for those Doctor Who/David Tennant fans who aren’t located in the UK and thus have not yet been able to see The Next Doctor for themselves. (Author listens…. ‘ ‘ ‘ …. hears nothing….. okay well, maybe a non-UK fan will stumble upon my blog at some point in the future?) So, my sincerest apologies to those fans who’ve already seen The Next Doctor on the telly for my seemingly needless and redundant post. On with it!

THIS article pretty much mirrors all the others I’ve read in it’s overall synopsis and “review” of the 2008 Christmas special: The Next Doctor, which by the way did not supply one single Whovian with the answer to The Most Burning Question: who will succeed the talented David Tennant as The Doctor.

Ha, ha, Davies had the last laugh in that he garnered a guaranteed audience with that little tease didn’t he? Now, he can step aside and allow Moffat to man the helm. He will be forced to work his own magic during 2009 to keep us all glued to our televisions (and to elicit You Tube video chunks and hunks) and news reports, and blog posts, whilst we count down the final days of Sir Tennant (do ya think he’ll win that coveted title once Sir Sean has, God forbid, departed us?… this blogger thinks it’s likely…) and wait with much bated breath for the naming of the Eleventh Doctor.

  • 19 December 2008

Seasons Greetings dear Whovians!

Doctor Who’s Who

My Park Magazine reports that “… the ‘Doctor Who‘ Christmas special will feature all the past versions of the title character.  The hour-long special, entitled ‘The Next Doctor’, will feature all ten incantations of the Timelord – with even the three deceased actors appearing.”  For full story click HERE.

I hope that the BBC authorises You Tube to carry the special. I am looking forward to seeing it.

  • 17 December 2008

I’m not certain how The Daily Mail managed to be first on the scene with pictures of David Tennant out and about recovering from his surgery, but for me it was nice to read about him and see the photos. I’m not a big fan of The Daily Mail online, but you will certainly enjoy THIS article.

They report he looks miserable, but I rather thought he just looks tentative. Can I say that? No really, my own mother had a slipped disk decades ago and I will never forget the way she took very careful steps and moved about slowly so as to not cause herself excessive pain. I remember she had extreme difficulty just in lifting her coffee cup. A slipped disk is certainly no walk in the park and I’m sure that back surgery is even less fun. My heart goes out to David. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery!

  • 14 December 2008
Photo Copyright Ashbee.Net

Photo Copyright Ashbee.Net

A meteoric rise to stardom — Stage actor Edward Bennett talks about what life is like for the only man whose job it is to fill David Tennant’s shoes as Hamlet in the RSC production. This was written by Mr. Bennett himself and it’s wonderfully charming. I highly recommend reading it (see link below). You can also listen to Mr. Bennett talk about his experience HERE.

December 14, 2008

My Week: Ed Bennett

I’m a West End star – and it only took four hours’ rehearsal

Normally I get up late, go to the Stockpot, an actors’ cheap food place in Soho, get a paper, go into work for 5.30pm, have a cigarette, do the show, curl up. It’s a routine. But on Monday at midday I found out that David Tennant was probably going to be off, and I had to stand in. Click HERE for full article.tennant-reviewRead the Entire Review
  • 10 December 2008

BBC NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT reports that David Tennant will undergo back surgery (see quotes.) For entire BBC story and other links, click HERE.

“Tennant out of Hamlet for surgery

The 37-year-old, who is scheduled to have an operation for a slipped disc on Thursday, said his enforced absence was “hugely disappointing”.

David Tennant as Hamlet
Tennant said it was “impossible to carry on without surgery”

Actor David Tennant will not be returning to play Hamlet “before Christmas” because of a back injury, the Royal Shakespeare Company says.”

  • 19 November 2008

Hello dear Whovians. Since I’m going to take a little break from blogging for a while, I thought I’d leave all my readers with a nice Ten/Rose vid — quite the apropo vid given the circumstances, that being David Tennant’s unfortunate impending retirement as our beloved Time Lord (among other things.) I do hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do.

  • 14 November 2008

A YouTube clip of the Children In Need 2008 special that aired on the BBC earlier today:

  • 4 November 2008

I’ve always been curious about David Tennant’s sex appeal. Tall, non-muscular, lean as a whip, but with the warmest brown eyes, a billion-watt smile, and thick brown hair that begs touching; a certain geekiness (is that even a word?) particularly with his black rimmed specs (which I adore) and his Converse sneakers. WHO else can pull off a snug-fitting blue suit and trench coat with sneakers? But today I learned something else about Mr. Tennant that confirms his quirky sexiness: he’s a tease. Just look at this news clip:

David Tennant: I may return to Doctor Who

Actor says the door isn’t closed forever

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

David Tennant has not ruled out a surprise comeback as Doctor Who.  [Full story here.]

Oh baby, tease me! ……. blushing …….. you wonder if I’m alone in this? See that’s the thing. Even though Doctor Who is technically a sci-fi show aimed at kids/teens/twenty-somethings, Tennant’s got a die-hard Whovian cult following that includes a huge number of women who find him incredibly sexy. davidSomehow I doubt that has anything to do with Davies’ brilliant writing. Nope, this is something Tennant will carry with him into every role he has.

Dude’s just got it. Ya’ll men out there should take note.

  • 30 October 2008

Greetings dear readers and Whovians,

I thought I’d share with you this article, which must be the best I’ve read yet out of the hundreds floating ’round the Internet, about David Tennant stepping down as Doctor Who, posted by Dan Martin Thursday October 30 2008 13.27 GMT on – full story is HERE.  Here’s my cut/paste of part of the post:

And lo, an overexposed, gangly annoyance is finally banished from the BBC. Oh, and Russell Brand has quit too. But the big news remains that David Tennant has finally announced he’s quitting Doctor Who, bowing out after next year’s four bridging specials.

This moment has been anticipated ever since Tennant took the part (I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I’ve written on the subject), though that’s partly because Christopher Ecclestone was such a moody git and quit after one year. Personally, I thought the prospect of doing a series, just the one, with executive producer-in-waiting Steven Moffatt would be too delicious for Tennant to resist, but instead he’s going at the same time as Russell T Davies, allowing a clean slate for series five – and that’s probably the right decision.

Three years is the classic Doctorial stint. Peter Davison remembers that his decision against doing a fourth series was made when Patrick Troughton flounced up to him in the BBC car park and told him to do three and then get out, because that’s the right number. William Hartnell had done three before Troughton. Jon Pertwee managed five, but two of those were Earthbound. Tom Baker, while not the best Doctor (sorry, that was Troughton), did seven, but he was the exception that proves the rule. Colin Baker must have felt a fool declaring he wanted to outlast Tom’s record when he was axed after just two, and the underrated Sylvester McCoy was always on board for the fourth year that never happened.

By the time he quits, Tennant will have notched up three full series and seven specials, four of those being Christmas specials. He will have made both his debut and his exit at Christmas, and I don’t know why, but that doesn’t feel quite right. It almost frames his era with a sense of novelty. It’s a safe bet that the Daleks will be involved in his endgame. Who else could carry the sufficient weight? At three encounters, he fought the metal mutants more times than any Doctor since the 60s.

This Doctor, dressed like a Kaiser Chief, oozed compassion and gawky humour, and was capable of love. He channeled Hitchhikers’ Arthur Dent in his first appearance, saving the world from the Sycorax with a satsuma while wearing a dressing gown. He also did tragic convincingly in the doomed, time-lapse love affair with Madame du Pompadour.

On the downside, for most of his first year, the gurning and pratfalling were just too much, climaxing with that shudder-inducing Ghostbusters sequence in Army of Ghosts. Fortunately that all subsided when he was ripped apart from Rose. He became altogether more convincing in his second year, playing it heartbroken and being beastly to that lovely Martha Jones.

Astrid Peth might’ve been The One (handy since she had Kylie Minogue‘s body), but she became the first companion since Adric to die. Ten then finally found a buddy who wasn’t in love with him in Donna Noble, but then she turned out to be the most important woman in the history of creation.

And next?

—————–Indeed. Fast upon the heels of this HottestStoryoftheSeason, we have remaining the question of Who will follow in Tennant’s footsteps. Certainly, Tennant has got to be the world’s toughest act to follow. I’ve been watching Doctor Who for quite some time, and I think that David Tennant brings something to the character that everyone, from this point forward, will either try to emulate, and fail miserably thus bringing doom upon the show’s future, or they (the producers) will be forced to cast an actor who will bring his own magic to the character. Such a character that we will be able to always look back with tremendous fondness for our beloved Tenth Doctor, yet will still enjoy the quirky, amazing talent of the Eleventh Doctor. Let us not forget that Eleven rhymes with Heaven. I sincerely hope that Moffat is just the writer to bring about that magical transformation. Stay tuned!

  • 29 October 2008

Too sad to be true. We all knew it would come sooner or later, but I’ve been hoping for ‘later.’ Could it be true that indeed David Tennant will be leaving his role as the world’s most beloved Time Lord as early as the end of 2009?  Rumours are viscious things — and I dearly hope this one is nothing to be ‘bovvered’ over. This is an unconfirmed story, presumably posted by the Guardian barely more than an hour ago:

David Tennant has announced that he is vacating the Tardis and leaving the BBC’s Doctor Who series at the end of next year.”

I’ll post a follow-up as soon as I can.

3:33 p.m. PT ~ Yep, it’s true.  (Big sigh…#@#$#!) Full story HERE.

“Doctor Who: Series 4 boxset – Review

The now traditional Doctor Who season boxset is set for release next month just in time to make splendid Christmas present for fans of all ages.”  For Full Story Click Here.

PS: This is definitely on our Christmas Wish List!

  • 24 October 2008

There’s good news for Doctor Who fans because the Time Lord is returning to our TV screens sooner than we thought!

For full story see the BBC website here.

  • 24 October 2008

This piece isn’t news per se, but it’s certainly a nice bit of Doctor Who entertainment if you’re in need of a 10Rose fix (like I was today.) Click here for a link to a truly sweet You Tube video in all its 10RoseGooeyGoodness.

  • 10 October 2008

Hungry for more…

David Tennant, currently appearing in the Royal Shakespeare Company stage production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” has attracted a wide variety of new viewers to the world of Shakespeare. Ranging from the classic Shakespearean obsessive, to diehard Whovians and young, squee-ing Tennant –fans; many new faces have flocked to the theatre, hungry for the actor’s sold-out performances onstage. Not that the Courtyard Theatre minds the attention too horribly, of course.

It practically goes without saying that Tennant would introduce an entirely new group of people to the world of Shakespeare. He has brought in more teenagers and young children to the theatre than the RSC is normally used to seeing – and what’s even more extraordinary is that the younger ones were seen to be watching the three-and-a-half-hour play with rapt attention, whereas they’re usually known to be much less attentive and impatient.

Before his casting in Doctor Who, Tennant had only received minor attention for his acting, having appeared in numerous small sitcoms, television programmes, a few movies, and several performances with the RSC; however, it seems he’s come to his full potential with his role as the Tenth Doctor. His acting skills have become much more profound, quite possibly from the experience.

Some have come to argue that one of the main reasons the RSC is so successful this season is because of Tennant’s celebrity fan base; many Doctor Who fans – young and old viewers alike – flock to the theatre to see him perform. However, if one considers the dozens of glowing reviews given by critics (and audiences) about his stage acting, it’s obvious his popularity among fans is really only a result of his skill, depth, and energy as an actor, not simply because he’s been cast as the current Doctor. According to the critics, Tennant is one of the more spectacular Hamlet’s to have been cast over the years, and it isn’t often that you find a good Hamlet.

Photo credit:

But whether it is because of his looks, energy, or overall acting skill, it cannot be denied that Tennant has stolen the spotlight in his recent performances at the Courtyard Theatre. (10 Oct 2008) reports that one need only head to Stratford-upon-Avon to the witness “a real thespian masterclass” in the form of David Tennant as Berowne in “Love’s Labour’s Lost.”

“The Royal Shakespeare Company production is in 17th-century costume and takes place on a bare stage. Though plenty of moments are beautifully done, a few fall flat. Yet whenever Tennant is on stage, his delivery is so thrilling, so true and so alive that energy levels are guaranteed to soar. To watch his character squirm when caught out in a lie, or create magic with a speech on the mystery of love, is to see Shakespearean comedy at its best.”

For the complete article, click here.

Love’s Labour’s Lost” is at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford until Nov. 15. Tennant then stars as “Hamlet” at the Novello Theatre in London from Dec. 3. For more information:

Read more here. For more information on the RSC, click here.

[Author’s Note: For anyone interested in alternative Doctor Who “fanfiction” click the link on my sidebar entitled “DOTS Stuff.” There you’ll find very intriguing writing as well as links to other fanfiction.]

[Forward written by DOTS/Edited by Caffempath]

  • 26 September 2008

“Tennant says he’s missing Doctor Who”

David Tennant has said that he has missed being on the ‘Doctor Who’ set while taking a break to do theatre.

The actor told Doctor Who magazine, “I’m excited to be doing ‘Hamlet’, but I have got very at home in Cardiff.”

“I love that crew. I love that set-up. I love the show, so I’m missing that. I miss Russell’s writing.”

Tennant is due to return to the ‘Doctor Who’ set next year to film four special episodes of the show.

The actor said: “It’s nice to know that I’m coming back.”

“Shakespeare’s all right, but he’s lacking in spaceships.”  [Directly from: Source]

We miss him too! 2010 is a very long time to wait before the next Season.

[Evening Update 18-Sept-08]

Still reeling from the news that Russell Tovey (see post below) is, according to R.T. Davies, practically a shoe-in to be the eleventh regeneration of Doctor Who; and between wild fantasies of bombarding the Swansea writer with hate mail ~ and praying that Steven Moffat will veto Davies’ choice ~ I thought I’d take it upon myself to talk about who else has been on the drawing board, if anyone. None of us want to see David Tennant leave his role as the tenth Doctor, but he can’t be expected to play him forever. Heavy sigh. Okay, so who are the blokes who coulda/woulda/shoulda been the Doctor?

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe

Looking as good as ever, but he seems to have adopted a bit of “stylish stubble.” Now, is it just me, or do we seem to be getting younger and younger actors for the star role? Eccleston (the ninth Doctor) was just over forty when he took over and Tennant is presently going on 38, but that’s really not too big of an age gap; however, Radcliffe is barely twenty – isn’t that pushing it? And in addition to that, even with his past acting success, I’m not quite sure many of the regular fans would be too pleased with seeing Harry Potter as their new Doctor. And can you imagine him rattling off all that technobabble? Not seeing it.

James Nesbitt

He’s a Northern Irish actor, and he appeared in Steven Moffat’s Jekyll, as well as Wall of Silence. However, he seems to be lacking energy – the Doctor is a very high-energy person. (Not all of his regenerations are exactly as energetic as the the tenth one, but they’re at least a minor equivalent thereof.) I cannot imagine him doing all that running and saving the world, really. And it’s just my opinion, but he seems a bit… boring.

Rhys Ifans

Personally, the blond hair throws me off. Somehow I’m reminded of a surfer or something. Again, I cannot imagine him piloting the TARDIS. Ifans played Vladis Grutas in Hannibal Rising (minus the blond hair and five o’ clock shadow), as well as performed in the music video “Mulder and Scully” by Catatonia. (Which seems a little catatonic in comparison to today’s music.) I dunno, he just seems a little too villain-oriented to be the Doctor. Not exactly a saving-the-world-type. Might’ve made a good Master, though.

Robert Carlyle

Looks a little on the dead side in this picture. Carlyle played the vile, long-haired, Durza the Shade in the (utterly-horrible-compared-to-the-book) film production Eragon. Once again, can’t see ‘im jumping around the consol. Being happy. Running. Being happy. Saving the Universe. Being happy…. no. Sorry. It’s not workin’ for me.

David Morrissey

He has at least a smidgen of potential, but seeing as how he’s already playing a character (“The Other Doctor”) in the upcoming 2008 Christmas special, it would be…. wrong. It was bad enough they used Freema Agyman to play both Martha and Martha’s cousin; but using a co-star actor to play lead role (for a different character altogether!) is simply insanity. Or at least a variation thereof.

Damian Lewis

He’s known as Yassen the Assasin in Stormbreaker, the film production of the first novel in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz; he featured in Friends and Crocodiles, and he’s also starred in television series Life. He’s ginger, so there’s at least one plus. Overall, Lewis has a bit more potential for getting my vote, at least out of this meagre group of ‘favourites.’ Probably a bit more cut-out for playing the role of the Doctor than all the rest, so… yeah, he’s my choice out of the entire list. Much easier to imagine him rambling off technobabble and being a happy, hurry-and-run-for-your-life person.

Now, even though we know it’s a possible, plausible scenario, there are very, very, very, very few fans who would even be willing to see the Doctor become a woman. Yes, a woman.

Ruth Jones (In a not-so-flattering photo)

I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. He doesn’t deserve this kind of torturous punishment. Jones has starred in the earlier seasons of Torchwood as Nikki Bevan, and more recently featured in Gavin and Stacey, as well as Fat Friends. But even if she turned out to be a wonderful actress… the Doctor’s been a man for nearly a millenium – why change that now? It would just be… wrong. On way too many levels.

Well, that pretty much concludes the list of top picks on the Bookies list. So.

Comments, anyone?

  • 18 Sept 2008

David Tennant stars as Sir Arthur Eddington

The filming of BBC production Einstein and Eddington was completed on 12 September 2008. Set against the backdrop of World War II, this drama portrays two men’s quest to unravel the secrets of the universe. It was filmed on location in The UK and Hungary, and written by Peter Moffat. (Not to be confused with the late Peter Moffatt, who had directed for Doctor Who in the past, nor Steven Moffat who will be the new lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who) directed by Philip Martin, and produced by Mark Pybus (Hawking, Prime Suspect).

It will air on BBC2 this autumn.

David Tennant, who plays Sir Arthur Eddington, will be joined by Andy Serkis, as Albert Einstein, (Longford, King Kong, Lord Of The Rings, and soon-to-be released Inkheart) with Jim Broadbent (Longford), Lucy Cohu (The Queen’s Sister), Rebecca Hall (Starter For Ten) and Jodhi May (Friends & Crocodiles).

Opening in 1913, the then obscure German theorist Albert Einstein (Serkis) had spent years working on his General Theory of Relativity, a theory that threatened two centuries of Newtonian certainty and the foundations of British science.

British scientist Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was one of the most prominent astrophysicists and was Director of the Cambridge Observatory, a seat originally held by the father of British science, Sir Isaac Newton.

Eddington’s wholehearted belief that “truth knows no boundaries” led him to start a correspondence with Einstein and to solely champion Einstein’s theories at a time when the rest of the British scientific community and the public at large were rejecting anything German, due to their role in the war.

Eddington’s expedition to Africa to photograph light bending round the sun during an eclipse lead to his proof that Einstein’s theory is right, turning Einstein into a worldwide superstar in 1919. A star is born.

[Source: BBC Press Office]


Russell T Davies must be mad if he thinks this guy can “replace” David Tennant as Doctor Who.

The Doctor's 11th incarnation will have huge ears

The Doctor

The Welsh-born writer, 45, said stage actor Russell Tovey, who appeared in Alan Bennett’s play The History Boys, would be the perfect person to step into the Doctor’s shoes.

The revelation was made in a series of e-mail exchanges between Mr Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook, and will be included in a new book called Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale.

Davies also revealed he wanted Harry Potter author JK Rowling to star in a Christmas special – but it was vetoed by Tennant who thought it would turn the show into a “spoof”.

In an e-mail written in June 2007, Davies said he was delighted to cast Tovey, 26, as Midshipman Frame in last year’s Christmas Special.

He says it was his “favourite casting of the lot, because he’s going to be huge, that man.”

Tovey is best known for his role as Rudge in the stage and screen versions of The History Boys. He also starred in Rob Brydon’s Annually Retentive and had a minor role in Gavin & Stacey.

Davies adds: “He’s amazing. I think I’d make him the 11th Doctor.”

The e-mails provide an insight into Davies’ work as he prepares to stand down as lead writer and executive producer of the prime-time BBC1 Wales show.

For entire article, click here: 17 2008 by Andrew Dagnell, South Wales Echo

Catherine Zeta-Jones to Star in Doctor Who?

“Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been tipped to star in a movie version of cult sci-fi series Doctor Who – by the man credited with reviving the show.”

BBC bosses were recently rumoured to be planning a big screen version of the hit show.  And Davies insists that Zeta-Jones would be perfect for the role as the Timelord’s assistant.

The writer also insists that the series’ current lead actor David Tennant would be the first choice for a Doctor Who movie.

He adds, “To have anyone else would be inconceivable.”

Right now, Tennant is only committed to a series of specials in 2009, but BBC is looking to get a fifth season lock on him if they can add a film prospect to the deal.

Of course, the challenge now is seeking funding for a film that would likely need a strong budget — especially in terms of marketing — as a film of this nature would require a large advertising budget to help broaden its audience. Russell T. Davies, the outgoing showrunner for the series, says he knows what could bring fans in: make Catherine Zeta Jones The Doctor’s companion.

[Excerpt from: and]

News Update: 15-Sept-08

David Tennant, known to millions as BBC TV’s Doctor Who, has returned to his thespian roots as the lead in Hamlet.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production, staged in Stratford-upon-Avon, takes a modern-day approach to the great Shakespearean tragedy.

It also stars Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart as Claudius, Peter de Jersey as Horatio, Mariah Gale as Ophelia and Pennie Downie as Gertrude.

The production is helmed by RSC chief associate director Gregory Doran.

From the second David Tennant made his entrance as Hamlet in the RSC’s latest production, it was clear just who was the star of the show.

For full story click here.

4 thoughts on “Archive”

  1. I don’t think i can cope without David Tennant, personally. But if i have to choose from your candidates, for me it’s between:

    James Nesbitt (not boring one little bit) has the requisite sarcastic charm IMO.

    Rhys Ifans – blond worked for Bond so why not the Doctor? He’s wacky n clever n zipping with energy; what more do we want?

    Robert Carlyle is sexy but i think i agree, he doesn’t really do happy, does he.

    Rhys got my vote in the end. I bet i’m the only one.

    Told you i disagreed with your verdicts! lol

    Mind you i think Jo Brand would make a fantastic Doctor though she’d probably turn it down. Can’t imagine them ever offering her it…

    (This comment’s meant for the poll but not sure if it will come out against a different one of your Dr Who posts.)

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