Stop. This isn’t about Valentine’s day, but happy romance day to all who celebrate.

No, this is about food. Some people are in love with food. My middle of the night mind meld made me get up too early to make a lamb dish. WTF? Half for breakfast and half for lunch, I guess. So, here is the recipe:

Half pound ground NZ lamb (minus a tiny portion for Hobbit), turmeric, garlic powder, fresh pepper, marjoram and tarragon, plus salt. I didn’t measure, but you are smart enough to decide how much you like, right? Fry that in a skillet, sans oil, and break up the pieces whilst it cooks. Meanwhile, take a few sprigs of parsley and 3 mint leaves, plus one clove of garlic- chop fine. When the meat is nearly done drain off fat from your pan. Throw in the herb/garlic mixture and sprinkle in approximately 1 tbs of gluten free panko crumbs. Stir cook for a minute or two. Serve with fresh lettuce leaves (i.e. wraps) and drizzle or dip into balsamic vinegar. I used this fantastic German date balsamic, mmm yum. Mind meld person, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did šŸ’•