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Ode to My Brother

It is with tremendous sadness that I make this blog post about my oldest brother, Rodney Olin Havens, who has passed away at the too young age of 67. We’ve learned his death is possibly due to a heart attack. I was very close to my brother, even given our great distance apart (he lived in north Texas and I in California) and even given the distances between our various personal beliefs. Rodney was always there for me, even as a kid. At 6’2″ he was a hard mountain of a man with big, strong hands that he used in his bricklaying business. He intimidated all the would-be suitors when I was a teenager. He had a great love of family, first and foremost. He also adored native American artifacts and lore; in fact in one of our more recent conversations he talked poetically about wanting to visit a tribe in Oregon. He wanted far more life experiences than he ever obtained; and I know all about the demons that held him back in life because he was always open and honest with me about his internal struggles.  I loved it when he rang me up – I would need to find a place to settle in because our phone conversations could last for hours, and we talked about everything under the sun. He would always say, “I love you baby sister,” and I think it’s the sound of his deep bass voice saying those words that I will miss the most.  I love you too, my big brother. I wish you eternal rest and peace at long last.