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Our little family lost someone special yesterday. Grandpa Ron was one of those men I consider a rarity in this world. He was so incredibly down to earth, so no-nonsense, intelligent, passionate, funny, witty, and an amazing artist and writer. He even sang barbershop in his earlier years. He had such an amazing outlook on life, too. All those wonderful qualities wrapped up in one individual is indeed rare. Grandpa Ron was my father-in-law for sixteen years, and grandfather to my daughter. At barely 71, he was far too young to leave us, but he had been suffering for many years with a lung disease. Never once did he complain, and he hated to impose upon you. Not even when it winded him just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories of him. My heart is shattered with the loss of him. The greatest travesty is that he probably never knew just how much we love him.

We are travelling later today to attend his funeral. For so many reasons, I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye like this. Oh, to have one more day.