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Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been a good weekend thus far. Yesterday we loaded up my SUV with fuel and honest intentions in order to make the drive down to our old stomping grounds in San Diego. I desperately wanted to drive the coastal route so I could commune with the onshore flow and reconnect with that sense of belonging that I only seem to be able to feel when I am face to face with the Pacific.

My navigational skills were lacking however, and I blame this directly on fatigue and a distinct lack of advance planning (and not enough good coffee.) Instead of communing with my beloved ocean, I was highly stressed and irritated over the mass of traffic and way the drivers seemed to crawl along at a snail’s pace. More than once I wondered aloud if I had become far too accustomed to the very fast pace of life in Orange County. Struggling against the bonds of the slower pace accomplished nothing more than to tighten my bonds and further increase my annoyance.

After what seemed like forever, we entered into the wonderful familiarity of coastal San Diego and all the aforementioned stress melted away in a blink. One of the things we planned for the day was a trip to the cinema, following a particularly delish Mexican lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Coronado. What movie we would see wasn’t planned in advance however.

I have to admit, when I was first presented with the idea of seeing either the new X-men flick or the new Star Trek flick I was not particularly enthusiastic about either. I note that I felt more “okay” about seeing Star Trek than I did about another ripped-Hugh Jackman film. Nerdy Sci-Fi won out over Sexy Sci-Fi.  And being the cool mom that I am, coupled with the fact that we went to the movies only in celebration of my daughters’ birthdays, I was totally in favour of whatever the kids and their friends wished to see.

While I expected to enjoy Star Trek somewhat (only because I grew up on the original Star Trek as well as the Next Generation) I had the preconceived notion that this new movie would be another Wrath of Khan redo.

Wow, was I surprised with the reality of it. Not only did I not expect to feel any particular affiliation with the plot line, I did not expect to be emotional over the familiarity of the characters, and certainly I did not expect to be moved to tears by a weird sort of grand-daughterly affection for Leonard Nimoy. I didn’t expect to laugh, I didn’t expect to cheer, and I didn’t expect to applaud at the movie’s end. It was a fun ride that I’ll most likely enjoy several times over.

We crammed a lot into our Saturday and yet there were things we planned that just didn’t come to fruition. I try to look at this as just another excuse to go back and visit again soon.

Until we next meet, I bid you a wonderful day!