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Hello and Happy New Year people! I sincerely hope that 2009 brings wonderful things to our world.

Before the Christmas break, I watched Daughtry’s What About Now? video on You Tube. I wanted to post it here but for some reason Daughtry doesn’t allow their videos to be embedded. The message in the video is what interested me. I’ve the CD that has What About Now? on it, and it’s wonderful, but the song takes on a whole new meaning for me when I watch the video.

The message (that reads much like a poem and an action list) is overlayed upon the lyrics, and it is this message (intensified by heart-wrenching photos and short video clips) that has rather caused a chain reaction in my psyche.

I thought I would share this with you on New Year’s Day. It inspires me to feel differently about my own goals for 2009; and if it inspires just one reader to feel the same way then I shall have achieved not only the first item on my New Year’s resolution list, but will have made a difference in someone else’s life.

(No copyright intended…)

“Today, in a corner of the world, someone is hungry – homeless – hurting. That someone could be you.

People live here (without light) and here (out of sight), is that right?

I’m an average Joe, just trying to make ends meet. Can I make a difference?

One day, in a corner of the world, a light went on, an idea was born.

I am the difference between justice and injustice, between right and wrong. The voice lives on.

When someone takes a stand and says:

“I am the end of poverty” (Love, Light and Melody) (Urban Compass)giving

“I am a different path,” it’s never too late. “I am belief in your humanity” (Insight Prison Project)

“I am saving the world one island at a time” (Seacology)

“I am a wave of compassion” (Surfaid International)

“I am the end of ignorance” (Room to Read)

“I am the call for human rights, I am human” (Amnesty International)

Love can change the world.

“I am jobs not jails” (Homeboy Industries)

“I am clean water” (Charity: Water)

“I am the hands that heal all mankind” (Doctors without Borders)

“I am the light and the gift of vision” (Gift of Vision)

“I am the heart that keeps a child alive” (Keep a Child Alive)

Before it’s too late…

“I am the dream that becomes reality” (ASEC)

“I am greening our industry” (ASEC)

What about now?”