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What do you do when you are plunged into darkness? I am willing to guess that, whereas so many of you unfortunately have sad stories to tell, there are maybe an equal number of you that have never had to experience vast traumas. For those of you unfortunate enough to have experienced trauma, what sees you through it?

I have seen more than my fair share of the darker side of this life; but with God, I always face it, handle it, overcome it, and move on. One self-therapy technique I’ve used in the past is music. Sometimes, we need to cry. I’ve cried rivers. Sometimes, we need to be energised and motivated into action. Music is an excellent source that fulfills nearly every criteria. At least for me.

Tonight I needed music. Not just any music. I needed something intense that would help burn out the frustration in my soul. I could think of only one source for that.

The absolute brilliance of Metallica paired with the San Francisco Symphony (1999), and conducted by the late and great Michael Kamen, for their S&M album is the only, I repeat — only, music powerful enough.  James Hetfield’s voice, at least for this album, is incredibly powerful and rich. Nearly ten years after this was made, I’m still stunned at the mastery of it.

While Devil’s Dance is probably my favourite song, Outlaw Torn, as shown in the You Tube video below, is positively incredible. I really have no adjectives that properly describe it. I was never a fan until I listened to the music of Metallica’s Symphony-meets-Metal.

This particular video is nearly ten minutes long and features the full, live performance. For me, a bad mood can not possibly linger when you hear the sheer genius of Outlaw Torn.