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For family and friends, I thought I’d post a little so that you can, at the very least, have some sense of how we are doing in the face of what is being reported in the news regarding these recent fires.

Here is a terrific link to Google Maps that shows the location of the fires. It updates often so you can literally be kept well-informed.

At present, we are about 10 miles south and east from the fires. But, today’s winds are extremely brutal. Far worse than yesterday… gusting somewhere in the vicinity of 50 mph. Maybe more?

I’m keeping an eye on the mountain ridge, watching the plumes of smoke that seem to ebb and flow like ocean waves. One moment they are huge plumes and ten minutes later they are flat-line blowing to the ocean. We will watch and wait for any sign or word that we will need to evacuate. (We’ve already put our evacuation plan together.)

Conversely, my other half in Brisbane is suffering the polar opposite with torrential rains. Click here for a news article. Sure wish he’d send some rain to us.

I’ll settle for prayers – and I will keep you posted on our status.

Love to all.