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Edited and reposted 18 Jan 2009

I have been actively (aggressively) seeking new employment after my return to the States from overseas. As such, having my resume posted on a couple job boards — and even responding to job advertisements — has put me in the path of job scammers identical to the one reported on in this news article. [Source: MSN]

The first time I got solicited for this job scam, I reported it to federal authorities and still have an open investigation.

Be warned, people, stay away from these types. Here is a sample of just such a job scam (this is a cut/paste directly from the email I received via a job board.) Note the many grammatical errors contained within the ad as well as vague and improper terminology. That in and of itself isn’t indicative of a scam because lots of employer-written want ads are poorly written. But read on and you’ll see what I mean. [Emphasis mine.]

Dear Candidate,

After viewing your resume on Careerbuilder.com, we have decided to contact you with a high paying job offer. We are looking for a Legal Representative in US.

The Legal Representative will work with the Application Development team to define and manage requirements, and serve as the key conduit to business users for those requirements.

You will perform impact fund receiving on incoming payment and support from the company’s client, assist with good communication skills and Good booking keeping knowledge and receive for high level technical design specifications.

· Duties will include light bookkeeping, invoicing, filing, data entry
and document control.

· Will be in charge of receiving payments via Bank Checks, processing these transactions and keep recordings as well as make necessary money transfers.

· Able to work from home


  • Basic to Intermediate skills in MS Word
  • Basic experience preparing invoices
  • Prior administrative or office clerk experience
  • Attention to detail and organized, with good verbal and written
    communication skills
  • US citizen or permanent residence/green card holder
  • You will need to have an existing US bank account for processing the payments
  • Clean criminal record


Salary and commissions

Salary: GUARANTEED commission up to $5,500.00 every month + $1,000.00 basis monthly salary.

  • Commission: 10% from every fund received on incoming payment and support from the company’s client (cashing checks).

Now, on the surface this looks very inticing! A guaranteed salary of $1000 USD + commissions each month for doing nothing more than receiving payments and processing them through your bank account. What is missing from this ad is what comes after you receive a payment (presumably by mail, or maybe directly deposited into YOUR bank account). If just the idea of giving out your bank routing code and account number doesn’t make your hair stand on end, then perhaps the answer to my questions will. Let’s say you get $500 from Mr. Smith, he’s paying for something he bought from your new employer, but can’t send the money TO your employer for whatever reason. So you’re the new middle man. You receive his money and then bank it. Cash it. Whatever. Then what? Mail the money to your employer? How do you get your salary? In other words, if your new employer can’t process payments for goods or services they are selling, then how do they expect you to?

Still not convinced?

Read the article below and visit the link on MSN Careers. Then your hair will stand on end.

What You Need to Know About Job Scams

Scenario: Imagine searching online for jobs one day, applying to a handful of them and hearing back from one of the employers. After an e-mail interview process, you are told that your new job as a finance manager requires you to transfer money deposits made to your personal bank account to a new account. You sign the contract and send it off via e-mail.

You receive your first assignment: Transfer money overseas. Upon going to the bank to make the transfer, you are arrested on the spot and charged with grand felony theft because the money you were about to forward was stolen.