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For all us Whovians, here is an extended teaser of the Doctor Who episode ‘The Next Doctor.’ The full length trailer will be shown during the 14 November fundraising event, Children in Need,  on BBC1. I’m not sure if You Tube will have video of the fundraiser or not, but I hope so. The Next Doctor is the first of four specials that David Tennant The Next Doctorwill film prior to his departure as our much beloved time lord. It features David Morrisey (on the right in photo inset) as the future ‘Doctor’ and is set in the year 1851. This special episode will be aired at Christmas Eve on BBC1. For those of us who are unfortunate to not have access to BBC1, we can carefully watch You Tube for postings of this new episode.

This special will see the return of the Cybermen (of the design of the parallel universe’s Cybus Industries Cybermen), following their previous appearance in the two-part finale of series two in 2006, “Army of Ghosts“/”Doomsday.” It will feature new mutant Cybermen called Cybershade on Earth in Victorian England. [Source: Wikipedia: The Next Doctor]

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