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Is green tea really everything that the media says it is? Seems like everywhere you look, there is an advertisement or article talking about the health benefits of green tea, and asking us to just look at the Asian societies where they are not only healthier than just about everyone else on the planet, but are also slimmer.

There are hundreds of ongoing scientific and medical studies trying to understand why tea:

adds years to your life…

protects against heart disease…

fights against some cancers…

fights against tooth decay…

They even say that it’s useful for weight loss!

I have to agree with them on this last point; because this is something I’ve experienced myself. One or two cups after a meal does have a mysterious effect on the body…I find myself losing weight without trying if I do this habitually.

None of this is new to you though, is it? As I said, there’s lots of advertising out there.

But who among you will actually try it and drink it?

It seems to me that there is a huge demographic of people in the United States who most likely will never drink any sort of hot tea, much less a pale green brew that tastes quite different from regular black tea. Maybe if they’re sick with the flu.

I mean, really, can you see the good ole boys down in the south sipping hot tea out of pretty china? It just isn’t much of an American-guy thing, is it? You can’t even hide the tea in a burly mug and pretend you’re drinking coffee. That’s ‘cos green tea has a unique scent that gives it away.

You: [sip, sip]

Carl: “Dude, what smells like… weird? Can you smell that?”

You: “Uh. I dunno.” [shifts uncomfortably, sniffs coffee mug]

Carl: “Dude, it’s like, your cup! What are you drinking?”

You: “Nothing! My uh, wife made me drink this @^#$!”

Maybe that’s why there are so many cool and hip choices of sweet bottled, canned, and powdered green tea on the market? They’re for the people out there who don’t want to be seen sipping out of tea cups, but don’t mind chugging an ice tea drink. I just hope that the companies who are creating this sort of tea are making sure that whatever health benefits real green tea has remains inside these cool products.

I’ve personally witnessed a couple other cultures where tea drinking is super popular among both men and women, even those covered in grease and sweat. Why doesn’t a tea cup cause harm to their burly male egos?

Well, whatever the case may be, drinking green tea is probably just a matter of firstly, getting over yourself, then developing a taste for it, and developing the drive to improve your health the same as you would by taking vitamins and Omega Three’s and Sixes, and all the other kinds of supplements people take to make themselves less likely to incur huge doctor bills.

Don’t forget that it can help you lose a bit of weight if you have it regularly. Just like sex.